Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
David Barker Maltby, Teenage couple, Tent City, 2000, 8.5 x 12.5
David Barker Maltby, Teenage couple, Tent City, 2000
2006 Featured Exhibition

David Barker Maltby
David Barker Maltby

April 13–May 11, 2006
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery
7 Hart House Circle

Panel discussion: Photography and Homelessness.
Participants will include photographers Patti
Gower, Goran
Petkovski and Ryan Carter, and former Tent City
residents Boni
and Marty Lang.
May 3 at 7pm in the Music Room, Hart House, U of

David Barker Maltby’s photographs illustrate the
existence of those excluded from the promises of
global culture – the homeless. Unable or unwilling
to conform
to its codes, they form urban communities
from the garbage of consumer society and based
on shared
needs for sustenance, security and
companionship. Many
come to large cities from declining towns to find
social safety
nets dismantled, becoming the human cost of
policies prioritizing “fiscal responsibility.” As a
photographer, equally dedicated to social activist
Maltby worked with his subjects over periods of
or years, sharing the same living conditions and
the same difficult struggle of their daily routine.
Overall, his
work portrays a complex shadow world with its
own social
structure, based as much on values of
compassion and caring
as on the negative qualities with which it is often
David Barker Maltby died at the age of 38 from

Curated by Ethan Eisenberg and Susan Maltby

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