Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Chris Gergley, Rainbows, 2004, cibachrome, 10  x 12 inches
Chris Gergley, Rainbows, 2004
2006 Featured Exhibition

Chris Gergley
Prize Winning Photographs

April 28–May 28, 2006
Monte Clark Gallery
55 Mill St, Bldg 2

A diverse collection of images reflecting 15 years
of rigorous, often
playful, always calculated photography, this
exhibition reflects
Gergley’s own preoccupation with documenting
urbanization as it
really is. Following in the tradition of topographical
such as Watkins, Atget and Adams, Gergley’s eye
seeks out both
the trite and the incredible in the urban landscape,
lingering on
those places that seem most caught between past
and present.
From the suburban garage at the end of the
rainbow to urban
agriculture and its prize bulls, Gergley’s images
may resemble 19th
and 20th-century folk art or genre pictures, but
they are always
directly linked to the language of photography.
Born in Regina,
Chris Gergley is a Vancouver-based
photographer. He graduated
from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in

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