Compiled from work spanning 1971 to 2005, Lynne Cohen’s latest book, Camouflage, depicts a world where exteriors – the world beyond architecture – hardly exists. Her works reflect the homogenization of interior space regardless of exterior location. Highlighting a selection of images from the book, this exhibition demonstrates the startling similarities in interiors across time and space, and evokes Cohen’s signature mixture of humour and gravity. These are spaces without places, insta-environments for cross-global installation, chimeras of carpet and common wallpaper. “I was struck by strange coincidences,” Cohen notes. “Naughahyde chairs show up in photographs of men’s clubs, laboratories, offices and spas. Wintry wallpaper murals occur in photographs of living rooms, corridors and showrooms. And electrical outlets are all over the place. Most eerie of all, though, was a stainless steel cart identical to one in the first picture in a laboratory photograph that was taken in another country, decades later.” Cohen’s work is also on view at David Mirvish Books – see open exhibitions.