Imagining Places - The Destruction of Space

Wieslaw Michalak

Imagining Places investigates ways in which people create notions of distant places. The images synthesize various sources, including old maps, satellite and reconnaissance data, with photographs taken by the artist in the Middle East and North Africa through the composite layering of both digital and analog images. Although most of these sources have been collected or transformed digitally, they are all “true” in the sense that none of the essential data have been altered. To preserve this sense of objectivity about the place, they have been combined together using analog camera and printed in a conventional photographic darkroom on chromogenic paper. Nevertheless, the final images are highly subjective and personal. Despite the fact they all of them are – one way or another – true, in the end they represent a highly subjective construction of the sense of place; an imaginary place. In this way, they attempt to interrogate the process of constructing the notions of “other” places.

Artist's talk May 19, 5:30 pm School of Image Arts, Ryerson University 122 Bond Street 3rd floor lecture hall

Curated by David Harris