1PM - Bus to AGYU departs from Drake Hotel 1150 Queen St W. Returns at 4PM. Limited to 40 seats. Exhibition tour at AGYU begins at 2PM

Join Philip Monk for a tour of Inconsolable Memories, featuring Stan Douglas’s latest double-projection Film, based on the 1968 Cuban film Memories of Underdevelopment, and his large-scale colour photographs of the re-purposed buildings of Havana and surroundings. Rather than adopting the nostalgic approach most often used when documenting Cuba, Douglas depicts the effects of revolution and embargo on social spaces in his immaculate photographs. Vancouver artist Stan Douglas has an international reputation for his photographs and film and video installations. Since the late 1980s, he has been a leader in pushing the space of the museum toward an involvement with the projected moving image, blurring the boundaries between visual art, cinema and television.

Philip Monk is Director of the Art Gallery of York University. He has curated 60 exhibitions and published extensively, and is currently writing a monograph on Stan Douglas.