Photography’s ability to document issues that transcend boundaries is central to an understanding of the forces that shape globalization and define our place within a worldwide culture. Five international experts in the field will each present photography and curatorial projects from their region.

Claude Baillargeon, Art Historian and Independent Curator, Rochester and Toronto, is curator of the exhibition Imaging a Shattering Earth at MOCCA.

Michel Mallard, Creative Director, Curator and Photographer, Michel Mallard Studio, Paris, France. Mallard has taken command of numerous international magazines and books on photography and is currently working on the Festival International de Mode et De Photographie, Hyères, France.

Wim Melis, Curator, Noorderlicht Photography Festival, Groningen, the Netherlands. Melis is responsible for many major international exhibitions of photography and their accompanying books, including Global Detail (2003), which inspired CONTACT’s 2006 theme.

Alasdair Foster, Director, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia. Foster has a broad eclectic background in photography, physics, film, curation, history and writing, and is active in cultural planning internationally.

Celina Lunsford, Director, Fotografie Forum international, Germany. Over the last 11 years Lunsford has curated and organized over 150 exhibitions for the ffi and other institutions, and written for many books and publications on photography.