Curator Claude Baillargeon will lead a tour of Imaging a Shattering Earth: Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate to discuss this dramatic depiction of our communal geography. Conceived to underscore the urgency of a global response, the exhibition features provocative testimonies by 12 committed practitioners of environmental photography who bear witness to the profound transformation of our world. As catalysts for reflection and debate, these images are forceful reminders of the growing dangers we all face. Collectively, they argue for the necessity of concerted actions against the progressive “shattering” of the earth.

This exhibition is co-sponsored by Meadow Brook Art Gallery, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, and CONTACT – for details see essay page 44.

Claude Baillargeon is Assistant Professor of Art and Art History at Oakland University. Active as an art historian and a curator, his primary research interests focus upon the relationships between histories of photography and built environments.