Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Rita Leistner, Sadr City, Bagdad, August 6, 2004
Rita Leistner, Sadr City, Bagdad, August 6, 2004
2006 Lecture


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Independent photographers and journalists
continue to work in Iraq outside
the US military’s official “embedding”
program, and run the high risks associated
with war coverage. Unembedded
reveals the insurgency as seen from
inside resistance movements: civilians
affected by violent battles, growing
conservatism and fundamentalism
and the devastating effects of civilian
casualties. Leistner and Robertson
will present a uniquely intimate,
undistorted look at the war in Iraq.

Photojournalist Rita Leistner spent
10 months covering the war in
Iraq from 2003 to 2004. Her photographs
have been published in
Unembedded, The Walrus, Newsweek,
Time, Colors, Rolling Stone and
Maclean’s, among other publications.

Since 2001, journalist Phillip Robertson
has been covering the wars in
Afghanistan and Iraq for the American
news and culture website,
and has reported for Time, BBC World
Service Radio, National Public Radio
(US) and the Christian Science Monitor.
He is the author of the introduction
to the book Unembedded.

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