Global Fusion

Lola Reid Allin, Carol Mark, Carol Mann, Christina Leslie, Erika Gonzalez, Michelle Jelsma, Jack Gilbert, Paul Calhoun, Alice Dixon, Tara Comisso, Jy Chiperzek, Richard Adkin, Gia Chkhatarashvilli, Rob Elphinstone, Mary Pocock

Global Fusion spanning continents, time zones between the primitive and high tech, war and peace, and cultures to bring the viewer into the connectedness of humanity. Glimpses of the past with 18th century daguerreotype photographs, war torn Bosnia, aftermath of Taliban in Afghanistan, changing state of Georgia post USSR,the evolving earth mother and humanity at its most inspiring. Percentage of sales to benefit I.Can Foundation/Little Libraries established by Doreen Wicks to educate children in developing countries.

Curated by Carol Mark