Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Thuyen, 16yrs., I no longer live where I am proud.
Thuyen, 16yrs., "I no longer live where I am proud."
2006 Open Exhibition


May 27–27, 2006
Capitol Event Theatre
2492 Yonge St

"Enough pain, sadness, hurt.

Enough fake, misleading lives.

Enough violence and guns.

Enough cries of pain and sorrow." (Elodie, 16) -

The youth of Leave Out ViolencE (LOVE) have
said enough to violence! Instead of picking up a
gun, they’re armed with a camera and pen. These
are their weapons. With these weapons, they
show the power of the young mind and potential of
the youth voice.

LOVE is a national nonprofit violence prevention

Curated by Leave Out ViolencE (LOVE)

Scotiabank CONTACT
Photography Festival

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