KLIXPIX/FIRST LIGHT: The Greatest Shows Unearthed

Galbraith, Newlands, Northcott, Reeves, Kelly, Scanlon, Strippoli, French, Hope, Cedillo, Kaz, Polaris, KlixPix

Travel with KLIXPIX & FIRST LIGHT photo agencies back to when photo essays filled magazines and newspapers and photo agencies supported shooters who defined the global landscape. See Canadian photographers tell their stories through the art of the photo essay: Tokyo, Geisha Boys, Urban Deconstruction, Planet in Pain, Lost --An Alzheimers Voyage, Camargue Horses, Toronto City Laid Bare, The Irvings--Oil & Blood, Beach Boy, Crack, Rodeo, Inuits. Check KlixPix.com collection online at FirstLight.ca.

Curated by Photo Editor Dolores Gubasta