Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Maleonn, Look (series: Unforgivable Children), Digital, Colour Print, 16x24
Maleonn, Look (series: Unforgivable Children)
2006 Open Exhibition


April 27–May 31, 2006
Craig Scott Gallery
95 Berkeley St

Filmmaker and photographer Maleonn (Ma Liang)
exhibits five series – Unforgivable Children,
Chinese Story, My Circus, Shanghai Boys, and
Disappearing Baby – as complementary narratives
about the evolution of Chinese identity where
multiple contemporary influences (from various
globalizations to China’s frenetic capitalism)
intersect with deep historical currents (from
traditional culture to the Mao period). A major
cultural figure in Shanghai, Maleonn was featured
in CBC TV’s documentary series China Rises (“City
of Dreams,” January 29, 2006).

Curated by Craig Scott

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