Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
George Whitesdie, Moving Metal Pots, 2002, 44x36
George Whitesdie, Moving Metal Pots, 2002
2006 Open Exhibition

Wayne Parent, Anthea Baxter-Page, George Whiteside

May 1–31, 2006
678 Queen St W

Borders is a collective photographic travelogue by
Whiteside, Anthea Baxter-Page and Wayne Parent,
as they
explore the people and landscapes of India, Mexico
and the
Californian Coast respectively. George Whiteside's
shot on polaroid in India, 2002, Digital Archival
Prints and C-
Prints; Wayne Parent's (of Teatro) panoramic
landscapes shot
on Holga, on Hwy 1, California, 2005, C- Prints;
Anthea Baxter-
Page's portraits shot on Holga, in La Bocana,
Mexico, 2005, C-
Prints and Gelatin Silver Prints. Curated by

Curated by Czehoski

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