Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Tammy Stone, Wire Series, Bangkok: #1, 2002, 35mm,  10 x 15
Tammy Stone, Wire Series, Bangkok: #1, 2002
2006 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition
Down The Lane

May 1–31, 2006
Embassy, The
223 Augusta Ave
Artists Alka Sharma
George Kaltsounakis
Tammy Stone
Alok Sharma

Walter Benjamin wrote that “Nowhere, unless
perhaps in dreams, can the phenomenon of the
boundary be experienced in a more originary way
than in cities.” What is the boundary? Something
that divides: the viewer from the viewed,
technology from experience, me from you. The
discontinuities of everyday life are held in awe by
one person, but to the next are beautiful,
transformable, integrative. The photograph is
taken, urban boundaries violently frozen, glimpses
from dividing lanes.

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