Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Birdsong, 2006
Birdsong, 2006
2006 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition

June 23–July 9, 2006
G+ galleries
50 Gladstone Ave 2nd Floor
Artists Kathleen Boettio
Nicole Levy
Agata Barariski
Adina Gauer
Sylvia Pereira
Natalie Castellino
Ewvard Vrwalek
Patrick Kaipainen
Preston Wilson
Heather Phillips
Craig Lancdon
James Kett
Kristie MacDonald
Victor Lee

In September 2005 fifteen visual arts students
under the age of 25 began a journey of
photographic explorations involving landscape,
burlesque, mimesis, vagueness, surveillance, and
the scene of the crime. The end result is an
exhibition built on the call and response
mechanics of a birdsong, guided by P. Elaine
Sharpe and based on a collective visual discourse.

Curated by P Elaine Sharpe

Scotiabank CONTACT
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