Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Jon Schledewitz / GlobalAware, Banks only help the rich, 2005, 24 x 36
Jon Schledewitz / GlobalAware, Banks only help the rich, 2005
2006 Open Exhibition

Because everything is political!

May 1–31, 2006
Junction, The - Junction Buzz
3067 Dundas St W

A compilation of photographic images chosen to
inspire questions about how we percieve the
world around us. Subtle and ambiguous content
encourages active engagement by presenting the
questions: "Is it political?"/”Is everything/anything
political?” As a whole, the exhibit asks us to
consider the social, cultural, emotional and
historical bases for how we understand and label
the world. Without pre-determining interpretation,
the exhibit becomes a potentially intense political
and reflexive experience.

Curated by The GlobalAware collective

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