Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Eric Klemm, Houseboat, Chromogenic Print,  34
Eric Klemm, Houseboat
2006 Open Exhibition

Eric Klemm
Impressions on the Land

May 1–31, 2006
Odon Wagner Contemporary
172 Davenport Rd

The photographs are a selection from Eric Klemm’s
B.C Project – which is ongoing and various in its
photographic valences – represents an epic
engagement by the artist with the varieties of rural
British Columbia experience. In every one of these
photos – these incidental landscapes – the social
has somehow or other extended itself into the
theatre of the formerly unspoiled: the rich and
multifarious B.C. wilderness, in Klemm’s reading of
it, is everywhere compromised by intrusion.

Curated by Odon Wagner, Rafael Wagner, Laura Peturson

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