Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Rannie Turingan, Bike and Fence, 2004, Custom Giclee Print 12 x12
Rannie Turingan, Bike and Fence, 2004
2006 Open Exhibition

Rannie Turingan
Toronto Squared

April 29–June 6, 2006
Petit Déjeuner
191 King St E

Toronto is a city of a million stories, some told,
many hidden. Over the years, Rannie Turingan has
captured this by seeking out inspiration in the
unlikeliest of places. Through his lens he
uncovers a patchwork of scenes from the
often dismissed by society. In Toronto Squared, he
presents you with his view of the city, one square
at a time.

Turingan has been involved in several
group exhibitions.
Though this is his first solo exhibition, Turingan
displays work on a daily basis on his
award-winning site, He is also the
founder of the Toronto Photoblogging community.

This exhibit also coincides with the launch of
"Cityshoots", a year long exhibition showcasing
work by Toronto photobloggers at Le Petit

Curated by Le Petit Déjeuner

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