Value Revealed

Tasha M G Hakeem

Photography confronts people’s worldview and strategic thinking to move beyond themselves and into the lives of those captured by injustice. Within tribal mindsets, everyone is affected through one. So it is as a global community. Tasha M G Hakeem spent five months (2005/06) throughout Brazil – in Amazon tribes, within the favelas and on the streets with those gripped by injustice issues. Through the lives of children, “VALUE REVEALED” not only shows the reality of an issue - it aims to bring value and show dignity within these lives affected by injustice. Within our global community and the globalization process, we can choose to learn from the tribal mindset of one affecting the entire tribe. In our global community, it is time to step outside the comforts of the West and step into the shoes of those around us - to expose the issues and stand for the weak of our Community.