Forgotten: The Art of Decay

Jay Morrison, Lopix, Mathew Merrett, Steve Jacobs, Sean Galbraith, Russell Brohier

Beauty in decay and abandonment... in rust, peeling paint, in neglect. This permeates and informs the work of D K Photo Group. Though similar subject matter there is a distinct and individual perspective to each body of work. All six artists bring a sensibility of seeing the richness of the moment as the artifacts of our social past, and in doing so a realisation of what is beautiful on many levels. What now lies decaying in its dormancy was once kinetic and a testament to lives lived, and the ephemeral nature of our existence is underscored in the historical social fabric that is evidenced in these environs. What was entrenched in the everyday and the mundane, now is resplendent as though keep a silent vigil.

Curated by Russell Brohier