Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge, Work In Progress, 2006 (Iraq), 1980-2006
Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge, Work In Progress, 2006 (Iraq), 1980-2006
2006 Public Installation

Carole CondÉ & Karl Beveridge
Work in Progress

May 1–31, 2006
Banners 469 King St West
469 King St West

The Toronto based artist duo Carole Condé and
Karl Beveridge have collaborated with various
trade unions and community organizations in the
production of their staged photographic work for
more than 30 years. They have exhibited across
Canada and internationally in the trade union
movement and in art galleries and museums. Along
with their photography projects, they have
undertaken a number of banner commissions for
unions, several of which have won awards and
have been exhibited internationally.

In this installation for CONTACT, their series of
photographs based on working women since 1895
have been reconfigured as banners. Each decade
is represented by a different woman posed in a
kitchen in which the props change with each
period. Each image has a window into which a
documentary photo indicates the politics of the
period, a calendar that indicates the predominant
type of work in which women were employed and
a family photo that indicates the family structure of
the time.

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