Gu Xiong is a Chinese multimedia artist, currently living in Vancouver. His work explores the cultural and individual identity shifts that have become prevalent in contemporary life and his photographs of Chinese Canadians encompass the dynamics of globalization.

"My installation deals with people’s experiences of being “immigrants” within the context of identity, place and community, linking cultures, geographies and different social backgrounds together. Specifically, it explores their struggles to understand their new adopted homeland, and, in a broader sense, the implications of dual cultures, of past and present, on individual identity. Immigrant experiences have profound effects on ideas of community, home, nationality and individuality. To rediscover oneself in terms of human and cultural survival under the conditions of immigration and globalization is a great part of rebirth." GU XIONG, February 2006

The installation of photographs by Gu Xiong and Xing Danwen in the St. Patrick subway station, provocatively explores contemporary global culture.

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