Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
2006 Workshop

Chris Boot

Drake Hotel
1150 Queen St W

Trying to get your photography book
published? Experienced editor and
publisher Chris Boot will speak about
some of the issues guiding publishers’
decisions, illustrated with examples
from projects he has worked on.
Addressing issues including how publishers
assess photographers’ proposals,
the book concept (as distinct from
the concept of the work), the difference
between books and catalogues,
finance and subsidy, ancillary rights,
distribution and the publisher’s ego,
Boot aims to equip photographers
with a good understanding of the
range of decisions behind publishing.

Chris Boot, Publisher, Chris Boot Ltd.,
in London, UK, has been producing
and editing photography books and
exhibitions for over 20 years, including
as Director of Magnum Photos in
London and New York, Editorial Director
at Phaidon and independently. He is
also the author of Magnum Stories.

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