La Tour Eiffel; l’Arc de Triomphe; les Champs- Élysées. Paris is often characterized by romance and splendour but la villelumière is truly an assemblage of contradictions. It is touristy, historic, fallible, fashionable, beautiful and chaotic. Paris is as much the sum total of its monuments as it is made immeasurable by its endless associations – its persona constructed in a rich mix of literature, film, art and legend.

Curated by Christian Cajoulle, Paris VU: Visions of the City is a visual assemblage of today’s Paris and can be seen as a portrait in many parts, an urban collage built from a multitude of images. The exhibition brings a unique perspective to the visual analysis of Paris, with work by 18 photographers from seven countries: Micheal Ackerman (United States), Aniu (China), Philip Blenkinsop (United States), Bruno Boudjelal (France/Algeria), Denis Darzacq (France), Pierre-Olivier Deschamps (France), Bertrand Desprez (France), Claudine Doury (France), Richard Dumas (France), J.H. Engström (Sweden), Gilles Favier (France), Rip Hopkins (Great Britain), Martin Kollar (Slovakia), Anders Petersen (Sweden), Stanley Greene (United States), Ian Teh (Great Britain), Lars Tunbjörk (Sweden) and Guillaume Zuili (France).

Presented by Hermès and organized in collaboration with Agence VU.

Curated by Christian Cajoulle and Guillaume Ziuli