Mama Ahoy is a series of photographs by German artist Stephan Reusse alluding to an approach towards the state of drunkenness. Intoxication impairs mental faculties and creates a loss of orientation with reality. It is a journey into a desire in which the destination, as well as the (deserted) place of origin, is reproduced – not as reality, but as a path, a path that is wearily pursued over and over again, uncertain if the destination wants to be reached. The coordinates of actual space appear as ignis fatuus.

The basic medium of the work is thermography; cameras detect infrared radiation and produce images of that radiation. The process is used to capture the heat emitted by a body. This trace is combined and assembled with a photograph of the real focal points of space. However, by overlapping an infrared image of space, a camera obscura simulacrum is achieved and the image possesses no depth of focus; it is distorted and warped. This space is further modified by digital artistic manipulation and reinterpreted into a dreamlike scene.

Reusse lives and works in Cologne and Lisbon and teaches at the Academy for Media Arts in Cologne.