Against the Wall – Contemporary Chinese Artists

Chen Wei, Dong Wensheng, Sun Xun, Wang Qingsong, Zhou Xiaohu

Corkin Gallery presents photography and video from two generations of Chinese artists born during and just after the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976).

The meticulously staged, lush photographs of Wang Qingsong, the stunning and epic performance pieces by Zheng Lianjie which use the Great Wall as iconic backdrop, the stop-action films incorporating both the human body and animated drawing by Zhou Xiaohu and the deceptively formalist photographs and short films by Dong Wensheng are accompanied here by the work of younger artists Chen Wei and Sun Xun (both born in 1980). The photographs of Chen Wei, showing enigmatic, sinister staged dramas and the hand-drawn animations of Sun Xun will be exhibited for the first time in North America.