Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Kerry Shaw, Tree Pigeon, 2006, ,   x
Kerry Shaw, Tree Pigeon, 2006
2007 Featured Exhibition

Group Exhibition

May 1–31, 2007
Gladstone Hotel - 3rd & 4th Fl
1214 Queen St W
Artists Alison Honey
Jamie Campbell
Kerry Shaw
Elena Willis
Jill Offenbeck
Sarah Cooper
Neil Mills
Ariel Thomas
Daniel Garcia
Becky Comber
Johanna Warwick
Vanessa Heins

Photography is among the most common forms of
visual media
in contemporary society, with photographic artists
having to rise above past methods to intrigue
Rising features 12 emerging artists who go
beyond what is
available to their lenses to construct imaginative,
images. As young people struggling with the
society and
environment they’re inheriting, they express what
they see
happening in the world. In doing so, they convey
and personal issues in allegorical forms, using
digital composition and handmade assemblage to
narratives into single images.

by Alice Dixon, with special thanks to Daniel

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