Hong-chun Park, Patrycja Orzechowska, Hideo Suzuki, Katyuska Doleatto, Kamil Vojnar

Note exhibition run is split as follows: April 24 to May 13: Orzechowska, Suzuki, Vojnar. May 15 to June 3: Doleatto, Hong-Chun, Suzuki

Sur(reality)’s photographers work in vastly different styles, yet echo each other in their definitive lack of pure coincidence; their art reveals laborious, ingenious processes.

Poland’s Patrycja Orzechowska is a dreamer and performer who explores vision, subconsciousness, mystery, space and the mind. The Cabinet collects her private experiences, producing images of human nature in photographic cycles.

Nostalgic and melancholy, Czech photographer Kamil Vojnar’s work explores corners of the soul sheltering human emotions. Life, death, freedom, restraint: such feelings speak in Vojnar’s images in personal, enigmatic ways.

Korean photographer Park Hong-Chun’s recent work consists of magical large-scale photographs composed of hundreds of 35mm contact prints, repetitions of motifs such as car plates (Seoul III) and city windows at night (Apartments).

Tokyo-based photographer Hideo Suzuki constructs small, meticulous photo-narratives. Based on Western culture, they beautifully communicate Eastern morality. Sun of Eden is inspired by Adam and Eve, while Dorothy’s Home Economics: Family Crisis in Doll’s House portrays middle- class tragedy.

Jill and the Holiday Fair is a new series by Toronto photographer Katyuska Doleatto. This modern-day fairytale sees vintage dolls restyled and posed as celebrities, portraying values imposed upon young women as well as desire for and submission to these values.