Manuela Martines

Manuela Martines’ constructed works in Split Links bridge the distant, moving and transverse poles of integration and disparity. Combinations of photography, painting and collage highlight connections and differences between Martines’ source images, many of which were taken during worldwide travels. A further dimension of meaning is invoked by Martines’ inclusion of repeated graphic design elements, red flowers in some works and letters in others, that are inscribed into the compositions, and which act as a means of binding convergence even in instances of profound alienation. Ultimately, Split Links prompts viewers to discover affinities and to draw boundaries in subject matter, as well as to open doors to free associations and fresh insights about locations and lives both near and far.

Manuela Martines was born in Gallarate, in northern Italy, and lives and works in Busto Arsizio, near Milan. Martines’ collage works have been described as “rarely a superposition, more a juxtaposition with a slow pace.” Her work, which comprises site-specific installation as well as photography and new media, has been shown in London, Paris and various Italian locales.