Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe

Karin Bubas

Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe is a collection of new works by Karin Bubas that emphasizes her continuing integration of human form and psychology into compositions. Bubas’ new images are large-scale C-prints measuring five feet by five feet. Although they are framed, they are devoid of glass. The removal of physical barriers between works and viewers heightens the voyeurism and intimacy invoked by her images. A distinctive positioning of the camera creates suspense and heightens viewer participation.

Bubas’ “Hitchcockian” approach enables creation of a composition that is dynamic and tense, yet sensitive and moving. Her landscape composition reflects strong influences from Michelangelo Antonioni. “Using the language of Hitchcock’s cinematography and Antonioni’s depiction of women (seemingly lost in expansive settings),” Bubas says, “I play the role of director with my friends and create a series of images reminiscent of film and painting.” Bubas’ approach plays on photography’s ability to tell a story through a single image or series of images. The story is never clear, but pieces are presented that could fill in the gaps. This open-ended storytelling style relates to much of current contemporary photography influenced by myth, fable and legend – or, as in Bubas’ case, film and theatre.