Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright is a multidisciplinary artist who has been photographing subjects at night for the past seven years. Wright works towards a particular imagery that both identifies and challenges conventional understandings of photographic practice. He creates images that sit on the edge of possibility – ones that are rife with realistic plenitudes while being full of the potential energy of their collapse. His images laud, reveal and question the conditions of their making. He has chosen subjects that either barely exist or ones that contain an overwhelming complexity. His photographs of natural settings are objects that at first appear unadulterated by human intervention. The imposition of artificial light reveals and illuminates while rendering the subject’s overt naturalism suspect. Likewise, the descriptive visual plenty of information provided by the light serves, simultaneously, to throw the image’s veracity into question. Wright turns his attention to water with this new and investigative body of work, juxtaposing his unique methods of revealing photography’s artificiality with a natural, fluid medium.