Double Take

Sara Angelucci

Sara Angelucci’s Double Take follows the narrative of identical twin sisters recounting their traumatic witnessing (at the age of five) of a family member’s death. The single- channel video appears similar to a stereographic image: a woman, simply dressed with her brown hair pulled back, sits before a burgundy background, seemingly mirrored in two frames. One twin begins her monologue, joined by the other moments later. Peppered with “I remember,” and “I don’t remember,” they weave a dual narrative of shared memories punctuated by differing recollections.

Fuelled by Angelucci’s familial history, Double Take is situated firmly within her photographic oeuvre of the last 10 years. Unlike her Wallet project (Everything in my Father’s Wallet/ Everything in my Wallet, 2005), where she rephotographed archival material, Double Take is an edited re-enactment based on the sisters’ stories, and is brought to life by professional actors. In her 2002 photo and video installation Questions She’ll Never Answer, Angelucci dons a replica of the dress her mother wore aboard ship on her immigrant voyage to Canada; a video loop animates the photograph. In Double Take the artist takes greater liberties with the past, commenting both on the specifics of individual histories and on the nature of memory itself. Apparently, even indelible memories can have more than one face.

–Katy McCormick