LIttle Legs

Robyn Cumming

Little Legs presents certain truths unearthed by photography’s capabilities to explore the virtual, to explore things often hidden. It is in small ruptures – a gesture, a texture or an absurd moment – that one can connect to something very real and yet often manifest only in these fictions. The constructed image can act as a story that lends more insight than reality ever can.

“These images mine the allusive and intriguing nature of trauma. In attempting to manifest something that one finds incredibly hard to articulate, I have found trauma in the simplest of places. In a thrift store drapery, my mother’s finger, a papered wall; it is here that sensations reveal themselves. Similar to the way your neck hair raises when you’re walking about and catch the dull scent of your grandmother’s face cream. It is in affective experience where the everyday can become extraordinary, where the most mundane of things can become infused with intense and moving significance. For us to come across them is just a matter of luck.”