Narrating Desire
Speaking Through Water
The Farm Family Project

Jennifer Long, Danielle Bleackley, Kotama Bouabane, Clare Samuel, Meera Margaret Singh, Nathalie Latham, Rob MacInnis

Narrating Desire examines basic human needs and presents charged, intimate moments. Whether reconstructed out of icy letters, fabricated through performance, fictionalized into memory or idealized through mementos, what compels such desire is also what compels these five photographers. Curated by Jennifer Long.

Inspired by a dream, Nathalie Latham uttered words into water. In Speaking Through Water, she documents the concerns of self and others, and deconstructs the processes of personal and societal censorship.

In The Farm Family Project, Rob MacInnis focuses on the creation of identity in photographs and portrays an alternative world where animals are not human possessions.