Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Bohdan Vandiak, Dream of Filth- Meditation 3, 2002, Lambda Print, 30 X 35
Bohdan Vandiak, Dream of Filth- Meditation 3, 2002
2007 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition
Sublime Realism

May 2–19, 2007
183 Queen St E
Artists Simeon Posen
Michael Sillers
Benjamin Pezzillo
Bohdan Vandiak
Cory Pattinson
Andrew Sagutch
Michael Jenkins
Maria Nunes
Erika Gonzalez

Sublime Realism is a fusion of our individual and
expressions of how we see ourselves
reintepretating the
world. Realism evolves into the sublime surrealist
juxtaposed with natural beauty and global
morphing into altered human forms and urban
Memory lives on in a reconstructed form.
The Sublime Vandiak, Pezzillo, Sillers.
The Realism Posen, Pattinson, Sagutch,
Nunes,Jenkins, Gonzalez.
Percentage of sales donated to our humanitarian
aid projects.

Curated by Carol Mark

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