DUTCH INNOVATION FROM A CANADIAN PERSPECTIVE "Vooruit" means "forward" or "ahead of" in the dutch lanquage. Renowned for their innovation in architecture, design, urban planning, the environment, transportation, housing and social policy, the Dutch have managed to raise the level of society as a whole in a forward manner that is unprecedented. One can look to the Dutch as a model for the future. This group exhibit asks Toronto CAPIC photographers & photo illustrators to examine and interpret some of these major themes and pay homage to the impact of Dutch culture on modern society. CAPIC was founded in 1978 as a national, not-for-profit association dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the rights and interests of photographers, illustrators and recently, digital artists, working in the communications industry. As the collective voice and advocate for professional artists in Canada, CAPIC works hard to maintain industry standards, create a community, fight for copyright protection, and much more.