Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Melanie Gordon, William Oldacre, Chair, 2006; Untitled, 2006, Metallic C-Print, 12x18; Giclee Print, 36x48
Melanie Gordon, William Oldacre, Chair, 2006; Untitled, 2006
2007 Open Exhibition

Melanie Gordon, William Oldacre

April 25–June 3, 2007
Channel Gallery
55 Mill St., Ste 109, Building 74 (Case Goods Warehouse)

Melanie Gordon and William Oldacre explore the
idea of
“Wonderland” as an imagined place, both parallel
to and inside
of reality.

Melanie interprets “Wonderland” on a personal
level, presenting
a series of colour prints that follow a woman’s
interaction with
tiny objects taken from another much smaller

William uses the passing of time to create images
of urban
motion. Washes of colour and light transform the
familiar street
scape into a beautiful dream.

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