Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Noel Aranha, untitled, 2002, B&W print 13x18
Noel Aranha, untitled, 2002
2007 Open Exhibition

Noel Aranha
Focus on Dhanbad

May 26–June 8, 2007
Church of the Holy Trinity, The Upper Room
10 Trinity Square

Dhanbad is an industrialized city in the state
of Jarkhand and is considered the coal capital of
India. Amidst such development there exist
colonies of people affected by leprosy, with
entire families hemmed in by ignorance and social

This exhibition represents three weeks in March
'07 spent in Dhanbad focusing on
the leprosy situation.

Due to the timing of this publication the
accompanying image here is from an earlier body of
work on India.

Curated by Sarah Aranha

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