Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Moy Volcovich, Ydishemame cover, 16 x 20
Moy Volcovich, Ydishemame cover
2007 Open Exhibition

Moy Volcovich
A Yddishe Mame

May 8–29, 2007
Congregation Anshei Minsk Synagogue
10 St Andrw St

We all know that good humour is healthy and, why
not, you
could even call it therapeutic. Jewish Humour is
To talk about Jewish Humour is to talk about
irony, philosophy
and psychology but even many chapters on these
would not be enough to come up with a proper
These images will try to give us some clues of
what Jewish
Humour is by means of one of its best performers: the
Yiddisher Mame.

Curated by Moy Volcovich

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