Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Scott Johnston, 17 Unconvinced Chairs - Regent Park, 2006, 40
Scott Johnston, 17 Unconvinced Chairs - Regent Park, 2006
2007 Open Exhibition

Scott Johnston
Welcome to Regent Park

May 1–27, 2007
Galerie Bertossini
783 Queen Street East

Scott Johnston's latest series of photographs is
set in Regent Park. Most people are familiar with
Regent Park's reputation as one of Toronto's
poorest neighborhoods, but less familiar with the
area's unusual and ambitious origins. Built in the
1940's on 69 acres of prime downtown real
estate, the aim of the community's original planners
was to create a self-contained "garden city". The
area is now slated for demolition and rebuilding,
and this exhibition gives viewers a chance to look
inside the neighborhood that only a few have
actually seen. The photographs do not aim to
highlight the area's deprivation, and instead
capture the diverse makeup of the changing face
of Regent Park in a creative and inventive manner
that interests and captivates a contemporary

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