* a Light unto the Nations *

Sawsan Yassine, Lamya Gargash, Steve Simon, Tamara Abdul Hadi, Kitra Cahana, Anthony Asael, Gilad Benari, Aasil Ahmad

Muslim and Jewish photographers build a statement and a bridge to give us a pictorial record by which we can further our understanding.

These photographers use the camera to fight what they hate most: ignorance and intolerance.

They are a light unto the nations.

LOGGIA GALLERY - Koffler Centre of the Arts

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Description of Photo: “coEXISTence” The Star of David is the Hebrew symbol of life and faith. It's connected with the Prayer Beads, a Muslim symbol of belief (33 beads symbolizing the 99 different names of God). Together they symbolize hope for coexistence and peace.

Curated by Elizabeth Preiss & Rochelle Michaels