Constructed Realities

A. Alguire, D. Aronovitch, O. Bilyk, K. Creber, M. edmonds, Y.-C. Fang, A. Jongsma, J. Lee, S. Poole, l. Anderson, K. Chui, A. Corrente, J. Fazari, M. Harbinson, T. Lengyel, J. McCurdy, L. Wolyniuk, R. Lesperance

Referring to the work of contemporary photographers like Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson the advanced photography students at the Bishop Strachan School are exploring constructed situations - fictions with a ring of truth.

A.Alguire, D.Aronovitch, O.Bilyk, K.Creber, M.Edmonds, Y-C.Fang, A.Jongsma, J.Lee, S.Poole, L.Anderson, K.Chui, A.Corrente, J.Fazari, M.Harbinson, T.Lengyel, J.McCurdy, L.Wolyniuk, R.Lesperance.

Curated by Marilyn Westlake