Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Judith Leitner, London Psychiatric Hospital, 1991, Polaroid Emulsion Lift, 11 x 17
Judith Leitner, London Psychiatric Hospital, 1991
2007 Open Exhibition

Judith Leitner
Rosa: A Love Story

May 1–31, 2007
MNjcc Jacobs Lounge Visual Arts Space
750 Spadina Ave

The camera held my hand through my mother's
descent into Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.
It allowed me to stand back and to step in --
the duality of detachment and intimacy.
The Polaroid emulsion lift process allows for rich
tonal range, and the pliant Japanese paper
embraces both subtle and bold imagery. Each
image is a metaphor for my mother’s lucent memory
as well as her inner strength.

Curated by Judith Leitner & Harriet Wichin

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