Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Ginger & Derick Tsang, Ageless Affection, 2006, 16 inches x 22 inches
Ginger & Derick Tsang, Ageless Affection, 2006
2007 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition
Once Upon A Creation

April 25–June 3, 2007
Once Upon An Image Art Gallery
3300 Rutherford Road, Ste A6, NW corner Hwy 400 & Rutherford Road
Artists Derick Tsang
Ginger Tsang
Wendy Gonneau
Susan Benoit
Carrie Anderson

When Michelangelo said, "I saw the angel in the
marble and carved until I set him free," he was
creating wonders.

Today's photo-artisans see the images before the
photographs are even taken. The photography
becomes only part of the whole.

“Once Upon A Creation” is about creations based
out of traditional photography.

No longer are the photo-artisans bound by light -
they are free to explore medium, space and time to
represent their art.

Curated by Derick Tsang

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