Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Sheila Jonah, Antiguan Sky, 20x20 inches
Sheila Jonah, Antiguan Sky
2007 Open Exhibition

Sheila Jonah, John Drajewicz
Real / Constructed Landscapes

May 2–28, 2007
PROOF Studio Gallery
15 Case Goods Ln, #104

Immediately after photography’s birth, it was
clothed in an
apparently transparent cloak of reality. Despite
this appearance,
photographers immediately set out to imprint their
points of view
on a seemingly impartial medium. Simultaneously
trading upon
photography’s reputation for verité while
subverting it with every
conceived image, photographers led a modest life
of quiet
schizophrenia. Come view for yourself the oldest
category of
photographic reality, the landscape. Separate the
real from the
constructed, if you can.

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