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Paul Sergeant, Greg Snow, Stuart Sakai, Developing Digital, 2007, ,   x
Paul Sergeant, Greg Snow, Stuart Sakai, Developing Digital, 2007
2007 Open Exhibition

Greg Snow, Paul Sergeant, Stuart Sakai
Developing Digital

May 2–13, 2007
303 Augusta Ave

As a major technological advance in the last
century, the shift towards a digital culture has
had many significant effects on society and
culture. This exhibition aims to speak to cultural
change by confronting relationships between
and digital ideologies - between the old and the
Identifying with this charge, artists Paul
Sergeant, Greg Snow and Stuart Sakai explore the
landscape of photographic history, forcing its
setting onto a contemporary context.

Paul Sergeant utilizes ambrotype processes to
reexamine the cultural significance of
portraiture; Greg Snow revisits the stereograph,
using anaglyths to document the coming end of the
film projector; and Stuart Sakai examines
contemporary notions of romance using technical
and narrative aspects of cinema and the comic

Curated by Stuart Sakai

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