Between Life and Death, 2006

Carlos & Jason Sanchez

Carlos and Jason Sanchez are well known for creating noir- tinged images evoking distress, uncertainty and, occasionally, even horror. In Between Life and Death, they’ve created the scene of a bus accident in which a passenger’s near-death experience is projected within a crashed passenger transport bus as a hologram. The holographic technology used in this installation allows viewers to achieve a unique intimacy with a near- death experience. The haunting installation experience is further intensified by a looped soundtrack created by artist Tim Hecker. Based on several true accounts, this project seeks to create an honest depiction of a sacred moment in which life and death are a breath apart. The result is a work that truly needs to be seen – and heard – to be believed. Artists talk on-site May 5. This installation is accompanied by an exhibition of the Sanchezes’ photographs at Christopher Cutts Gallery.