Tim Roda's photographs combine private memory with invented history to construct a broken narrative about personal identity and intergenerational relations. This work draws upon his eccentric upbringing in a working class immigrant family, as well as his present day family. Roda creates rich tableaux full of shoddy props and enigmatic symbols that add up to a fractured family theatre.

Roda’s ongoing project has gained momentum over the years, assuming the form of a beguiling family picture album that acknowledges its artifice, yet presents a "truth" that resonates more strongly than a reenactment of memory. His vision - devoid of sugar-coated nostalgia and bittersweet irony - is characterized by a pervasive sense of the absurd that is punctuated by notes of foreboding uncertainty, longing and baffling humour. The work delights, frightens and taunts. It confuses moods and eras. It promises a glimpse of the artist and his loved ones only to contradict itself at the next turn. Lost amidst the bric-a-brac, DIY aesthetic of his imagery, we feel gently duped, yet never left craving something more "real". It is easy to forgive the deceitfulness of these photographs, if only because the artist seems to forgive the personal pain and perplexity suggested in his work.