100 Stories About My Grandmother

Peter Kingstone

Toronto-based artist Peter Kingstone works with video and photography, often experimenting with narrative to explore ideas of personal history and the intangible nature of truth. Premiering during CONTACT is Kingstone’s new documentary, 100 Stories About My Grandmother, is a four-channel video installation weaving together portraits of male sex trade workers telling stories about their grandmothers. For Kingstone, who frequently uses his work as a way to investigate his own relationship to family, the figure of the grandmother stands as an icon of history. With this topic as a touchstone and through conversations with Kingstone, the subjects he captures are able to open up and reveal something of themselves.

Sharing family stories may seem banal, but inviting sex trade workers to do so becomes a way of including them in a society that is all too frequently eager to reject them. Audiences are invited to spend time listening to the thoughts and memories of this marginalized community. By empowering the talked about to talk, a voice is given to those who have often been left voiceless. 100 Stories About My Grandmother is presented in partnership with the Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival.