A New City / Here

Derek Shapton, AngelA Del Buono

A New City illustrates Angela Del Buono’s fascination with how geographical spaces are defined through personal memories and experiences. Del Buono grew up in the suburb of Bramalea, Ontario; a residential in-between space that is neither rural nor urban. A New City looks at urban planning and the utopian myth of suburbia as the promised “good life”. Focusing her lens on Bramalea, Del Buono explores the importance placed on ‘site’ in relation to the archive and documentary photography. She creates photographs that are more than documents; they evoke the complex nature of how memories are deeply interconnected to places.

Derek Shapton’s series Here is an ongoing project whereby the artist revisits and photographs locations that relate to vivid childhood memories. Faced with the awareness that his own son’s earliest memories are presently coalescing, he became intrigued by the genesis of these experiences. His nostalgic recollections charge unremarkable settings with powerful emotion, forever altering the viewer’s perceptions of them in deeply personal ways. At the heart of this project is the recovery of a concrete yet intangible and private geography that is at once unique and universal.